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Anelda Attaway

Celebrating Michael Jackson Looking Back at the King of Pop

This book was written in hopes that it would keep Michael Jackson's memory alive. I wanted to give his fans the opportunity to take a moment to look back at Michael's life and reminisce about the positive times only.

You will not read about any negative things in this book. You can turn on the TV, read the newspaper or a magazine, or go on the Internet for that. We will go back from his childhood  up until his untimely death on June 25, 2009. He passed way at the young age of 50 and it broke our hearts.

I pray that something read or something seen will enlighten or touch your heart. We will look back at his music and more. So let's start taking a look back and celebrate Michael Joseph Jackson's life that touched so many!

The best entertainer, the true "King of Pop" and the most generous humanitarian that ever lived.

ISBN 978-0-9768540-9-8

Steamy Trails Speaks Interviews Author/Publisher Anelda Ballard

Celebrating Michael Jackson Looking Back at the King of Pop
Celebrating Michael Jackson "Looking Back at the King of Pop"


Authors: Anelda Ballard and Jean A. Scott (Her Mother)  Jean is also the co-author of the poem "Count Your Blessings"  Listen Below

Our Ministry, His Words
ISBN 978-0-9768540-1-2

This book is the continuation of Poetry is Our Ministry "to Touch the Heart." God has blessed my mother and I with the Spiritual gift of writing poetry. Through our lifetime, we both had experiences like most people that God had to cover us. He was the only one that we could depend on to get us through the roughest times of our l found poetry.

Our only true purpose for writing these books are for healing and that people learn about God and His Son Jesus. We also pray that someone, everyone get saved! My mother and I have such an awesome relationship with God and His Son Jesus and we want that for you too! I know we are Christians and believe Jesus Christ is the way, but listen; we don?t care what your faith is. We must agree that God loves everyone and everyone can be encouraged.



Poetry is Our Ministry “to Touch the Heart” “Second Edition”

By: Anelda L. Ballard /Co-author: Jean A. Scott

ISBN 978-0-9768540-0-5

ISBN 0-9768540-0-7


I was lying in the bed and could not move from pain, with tears flowing from my eyes, God told me to pick up a pen and write.  And I did what God said, (that is being obedient) and writing one poem led to two and so on. Then I fell asleep, and a vision appeared in my dreams just as clear as if I was watching a television show. I was writing a book. Therefore I jumped up from my sleep and started writing down everything I saw in my dream, so I would not forget anything! Then I prayed!  Then two days later I received a telephone call from a Deacon to  have prayer. She asked me to document everything in a journal and that was a confirmation of my dreams...Praise God!                                            
My only true purpose for writing this book is for healing, and that people learn about God and His Son Jesus Christ who my mother and I love so very much. 




Listen to the Exciting Spoken Word by JazzyKitty called COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! Count Your Blessings won many awards and was selected to be recorded on a National CD.  MORE POETRY BELOW!!!! ENJOY

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